G200 Router Firmware Release Notes


1.0.6  - August 16, 2018


*User interface coming soon.

**It has been found that PPPoE is not functional at this time when configured solely via the local WAN configuration wizard. A CloudTrax user interface will be added to ensure this functions correctly.


  • FIX: NAT hairpinning will function correctly even when the client is not on the same LAN as the server.

1.0.5  - June 5, 2018


  • NEW: Use ntp.cloudtrax.com for network time.
  • NEW: Additional DHCP options to enable/disable DHCP Server, and use Option 42,33 & 66.


  • FIX: DHCP DNS servers appended to DNS server list, instead of replacing them.
  • FIX: Changed OpenVPN configuration to use lz4 compression instead of lzo. Please see:
  • FIX: DHCP pool range would always start at beginning of subnet, regardless of CloudTrax setting.
  • FIX: Static IP address wizard no longer worked after firmware upgrade.

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