How to manually re-flash your G200 router


Re-flashing the router's firmware is both a convenient method to prepare a new unit for installation and a reliable troubleshooting step in resolving problem states. The steps to complete the re-flash process are described below.

  1. Download and install WinPCap available here:, not required if using Linux.
  2. Download the [1.1.0] flash utility (Windows: open-mesh-flash-ng.exe - Linux: open-mesh-flash-ng).
  3. Connect PC with flash utility to the routers WAN port.
  4. Open a Windows Command Prompt window and move to the flash utilities directory.
  5. Run utility with no options to see list of PC network interfaces.
  6. Run utility again with the number of your Ethernet interface.
  7. If the flash doesn't do anything on it's own right away, power cycle the router to kick-start the process.

Once the router comes back up after a re-flash, its LED should flash yellow and ask to be Re-Paired in CloudTrax as the final step in the re-flash process.

Note: The message "is of type 'redboot' that we have no image for" is common and can be ignored.

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