Configuring Router WAN IP Addresses



By default the router is set to look for a dynamic IP address on it's WAN interface via DHCP. If your service provider offers DHCP assignment of your circuits public IP address then you should be all set, however if you need to statically configure the WAN IP information on the router, check out the methods to do that below.


Method 1: Cloudtrax configuration

If you are able to get the router online via an alternate or temporary arrangement, then you can simply configure the static IP information for the router in Cloudtrax and then installing the router after the change is saved to the router. For example:


This also works if any need to update the IP configuration arises in the future. The router will always use the "Primary" marked IP for all general Internet connectivity, Cloudtrax communications, and Port Forwarding rules. The other (non-primary) IP "Set" fields are optional and only used when configuring 1:1 NAT firewall rules.


Method 2: Local CLI IP configuration via SSH

Note: This method is unreliable in router firmware 1.0.4 and below. This has been fixed in the router firmware 1.0.5 release. It is strongly advised that the G200 run 1.0.5 or later firmware.

If you are not able to get the router online to download the configuration from Cloudtrax, or simply prefer configuring the router directly, you can configure the routers WAN IP by following the local configuration process described below:

1. Acquire a SSH utility such as "Putty" (

2. Connect to the router via one of it's LAN ports

3. Either receive a DHCP lease from it or statically configure your computer with an IP in the routers default LAN IP network (

4. SSH to the routers LAN IP of on port 1968

5. Login with username "openmesh", and password "portland" (Note: Once the G200 has checked in to CloudTrax, this password will be changed to the Root password that is found in Configure - Advanced)

6. Enter the IP settings desired as prompted


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