Open Mesh G200 Router FAQs



Q: Can the G200 power Open Mesh access points?

A: For more information, please refer to: G200 Router PASSIVE PoE Ports


Q: How do you factory reset the G200?

A: Please refer to: G200 Pinhole Reset


Q: What does the LED light on the G200 mean?

A: Please refer to What does the LED light on the Router mean?


Q: What port do I use when manually flashing the firmware to the G200?

A: In order to manually flash the firmware to the G200, use the WAN port instead of the LAN ports.


Q: Why do LAN ports 3 & 4 sometimes have an LED that stays on even when unplugged?

A: This is an indicator that PoE is enabled on that port.


Q: Is the router supported on legacy CloudTrax master accounts?

A. No, the router is only supported with the User Management system.


Q: Are there any plans to add a modem port in the future? 

A: There are no plans for modem functionality as modems have a lot of differences and certification requirements between ISPs.


Q: Can scripts be applied?

A: Currently scripts cannot be applied to the G200. If there is something that you need to do that could go through a script please let us know.


Q: Would it be possible to customize traffic prioritization with custom speeds?

A: Custom speeds for traffic prioritization are not supported.


Q: Would it be possible at some point to block traffic, such as peer to peer?

A: The router does not directly support that today but may be added in the future.


Q: Do vlans have automatic integrations with the switches and APs vlans?

A: Yes, just like the switches it will automatically pass through the roaming VLANs built into the APs. 


Q: What client software is needed to connect to the VPN?

A:  Most VPN client software can be used to connect to the VPN server on the G200. OpenVPN is a common open source client software and can be used.


Q: What is the WAN SFP port used for?

A: SFP stands for Small Form-Factor Pluggable which can enable the router to take a fiber connection. Alternatively, a copper SFP can be used to provide a secondary copper WAN interface.


Q: Can we use a connector to transform the fiber port to an Ethernet port? 

A:  Yes, you can use an ethernet SFP module to connect two different ethernet connections. However the router will not aggregate the connections.


Q: Can the router be mounted in a standard server rack?

A: The router is not rack mountable. However, there will be a solution to this in the future.


Q: Does the G200 support PPPoE?

A: The G200 does not support PPPoE as of now.


Q: Can we connect FTTH to the fiber WAN port?

A: Theoretically you could connect FTTH to the SFP with the appropriate adapter but that might require PPPoE support, depending on how the ISP works.


Q: How does the VPN work?

A: The VPN is pretty easy to use. Just enable it in Cloudtrax, add a user and then download the configuration file. Then install an OpenVPN client and install the configuration and it should just work from there. Please refer to: Configuring Router User VPN


Q: How many VLANs can be set up simultaneously?

A: Theoretically you can do any number of VLANs from 2-4094.


Q: Will a captive portal be available from the G200?

A: Captive portal will not be available with the G200.


Q: Does the G200 support site-to-site VPN with 2 or more sites?

A: The G200 will eventually support site-to-site VPN. However, this feature has not been added to CloudTrax yet.


Q: Does the G200 support SNMP?

A: No, the G200 does not support SNMP.



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