Configuring Router Firewall/NAT


This section of the router configuration allows you to configure port forwards or 1:1 NAT entries to support any locally hosted resources which need to be accessed from the Internet.


Port Forwards


This will allow you to forward a specific port from the routers WAN interface to an IP on your LAN. An example might be to enable connectivity to an Internally hosted web server. You could enable outside access to it by adding a port forward entry with an “Incoming Port” and “Destination Port” of “80” and the “Destination IP” of the servers local LAN IP. You can also specify a range of ports (e.g. 1000-2000). In most cases you want incoming port(s) and destination port(s) to be the same, unless you know they need to be different.


1:1 NAT


This will allow you to forward inbound traffic to your WAN IP directly to an Internal LAN address. Note that only one “1:1 NAT” entry can be configured per WAN and LAN IP.


NOTE: Currently 1:1 NAT can only be used if the WAN IP address is configured statically on the router. Dynamically assigned WAN IP’s via DHCP are not compatible with 1:1 at this time.


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