Configuring Custom Site to Site VPN using IPSec



This article will instruct you on how to connect a G200 to a third-party Router that supports IPSec VPN. 


  • A G200 running 1.0.6+ firmware.
  • A third-party router that supports IPSec VPN, such as Datto DNA.
  • The WAN IP address of each router should be reachable from the Internet.


  1. Navigate to the G200's VPN settings > Custom Site to Site.
  2. Give the G200 a Site ID.
  3. Decide whether the G200 will be the VPN initiator or receiver.
  4. Choose whether the tunnel is going to use IKEv1 or IKEv2. 
  5. Enter the tunnel's pre-shared key
  6. Toggle which subnets on the G200 to be available through the tunnel.
  7. Enter the Remote router's IPSec Information
  8. Click "Add" and "Save Changes"
  9. The G200 will negotiate IKE Phase 1 and Phase 2 with the other router to enable the tunnel.
  10. Once the negotiations have completed, the tunnel will be usable.


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