Switches: IGMP Snooping



This topic describes how to configure IGMP snooping on Open Mesh Switches.


  • Open Mesh Switches


IGMP Snooping is used for controlling multicast traffic by listening to IGMP messages being processed by the switch, and preventing these messages from being sent to hosts not part of the respective multicast.



1. Navigate to Manage -> Switches, and select a switch.

2. Click on Switch Settings.


Figure 1: Switch Settings

3. Click on the IGMP Snooping dropdown to reveal settings, and click the Enable checkbox to interact with them.

Figure 2: Enabling IGMP Snooping


Figure 3: Enabling IGMP Snooping for specific VLANs

The available IGMP Snooping versions are v2 and v3. You can select either or in the Version drop down.

You can enable IGMP Snooping for any VLAN by selecting the corresponding checkbox next to the VLAN ID as seen in Figure 3. You can manage your switch's VLANS in the Port Settings page.

Click Save Switch Settings when you have finished modifying settings.

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