Dual band changes due to FCC requirements


Due to new IC and FCC requirements, we were forced to make changes to the way our dual-band devices work. Starting today, any new orders of dual-band devices will include a modified version to comply with the new FCC regulations. 

The restrictions include:

  1. Custom firmware versions can no longer be loaded onto the device.
  2. SSH access is now disabled for networks located within the United States and Canada.
  3. Custom.sh scripts must be approved and hosted by Open Mesh to ensure they do not take the device out of compliance. 

Existing devices are not affected. 

We're strong believers in open source software and did not take this decision lightly. Unfortunately, there is no practical way to exclude only RF parameters with an open shell access or custom firmware. We very much would have preferred to keep it open but could find no way to reliably do so. If you have access to the shell, you have access to do anything. If a technical solution can be found, or the FCC changes regulations, we will review our implementation.

We've been working with many customers over the past few months to prepare for this change, and include the most common firmware modifications into our base firmware. If you have concerns with this transition, please get in touch with our support team.

Please note that our 2.4 GHz-only devices (the OM2P and OM2P-HS) are not affected by the new regulations and remain fully open. 

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