How to Flash an Access Point in Mac OS X (beta)


Note: The OS X flash utility is not currently compatible with the following models: A40, A60, OM2Pv4. If you need to flash one of these models, please use the Windows flash utility.

First download the ap51-flash utility.

Next download the .bin (and version) for the model you are trying to flash from this directory:

Note: You need to download the .bin.signed version of the file for the OM5P-AC and MR1750v2.

Now go to your Apple Menu -> About This Mac -> System Report... -> Network and find your Ethernet adapter in the list. Note the "BSD Device Name". It should start with "en", such as en0.

Make sure your device is connected to the computer via an Ethernet cable, but unplugged from power. It does not matter which Ethernet port you use on our devices.

Open a terminal window and type:

cd Downloads

sudo chmod 777 ap51-flash-osx
sudo ./ap51-flash-osx en# firmware.bin

These commands require administrator privileges. If you are prompted for your computer password, please enter it. Make sure to replace "en#" with the actual "BSD Device Name" of your network adapter and "firmware.bin" with the actual filename of the firmware file downloaded.

You may see a message similar to `Error - can't write to pcap socket`. You can ignore those messages. Plug the power cable into the Open-Mesh device.

If you see `Error activating pcap handle` this means the AP isn't yet ready to accept the command you've typed, and you'll want to continue sending the previously typed command until the AP accepts it. Unlike the Windows flash utility, the Mac utility won't sit and wait for the AP to accept the command after typing it once. 

Within 1 minute you should receive notifications that the flash is taking place. Within 2 - 3 minutes after that, you should get a message advising you to disconnect the device. If you aren't advised to disconnect the device after 5 minutes, you should assume the device has been flashed and disconnect it.

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    Tim Biller

    This isn't working for me:

    tbmbp:Downloads timbiller$ sudo chmod 777 ap51-flash-osx
    tbmbp:Downloads timbiller$ sudo ./ap51-flash-osx en4 open-mesh-flash-ng
    Unsupported image 'open-mesh-flash-ng': ignoring file

    Cursor doesn't come back, connecting power to the device (OM2P-LC) makes no difference.

    OS X Yosemite.



  • Avatar
    Bryan Patterson

    Hi Tim, It looks like you're not flashing the correct binary. You need to download the OM2P binary and then use this command:
    sudo ./ap51-flash-osx en4 openwrt-ar71xx-generic-om2p-squashfs-factory.bin

  • Avatar
    Tim Biller

    Ah, of course. Apologies.

    Update succeeded. Many thanks.

  • Avatar
    Jack Smith

    "Within 1 minute you should receive notifications that the flash is taking place. Within 2 - 3 minutes after that, you should get a message advising you to disconnect the device."

    where should these messages and notifications appear? I'm certainly not seeing any updates in my terminal window after the "error activating pcap handle" message

  • Avatar
    Bryan Patterson

    @Jack - It sounds like you don't have libpcap installed. It's supposed to be installed by default in OS X but for some reason it's not for you. You can try installing Wireshark to get libpcap installed with that.

  • Avatar
    Tony Burkhart

    Worked like a charm, the very first time. Thank you for the detailed instructions!

  • Avatar
    Stef Rouschop

    Are there any updates on this regarding the 6.x firmware?

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