Managing users in the New User Management System


Note: User management is being simplified. Please review the Recent User Management Changes.

The new CloudTrax user management system supports multiple user roles and allows assignment of those roles per network, per network group or for the entire account. To learn about the various user role types, check out overview and structure of the user management system.

To manage (add, delete or edit) users in the new CloudTrax system, ensure your CloudTrax account has been migrated to the new user management system, then log into your CloudTrax account and click on the users option in the user menu, on the top right corner of the page.


Adding a user

To add a new user, click the add button on the users page, then enter a name, an email address and pick a role. The details of what a particular role allows for are shown in the Role details, when you select a particular role. 

If you pick "Account Admin" role, there are no more selections or configurations to make, since the account admin user has the highest privilege to all resources within the account. In the account admin case, you will simply click create, which will add the user and generate an email to their email address for them to set a password

If you pick the "Group Manager" or "Network User", you will then click next to configure the details of what resources the specific user gets access to.               

Clicking on next will create a new entry in the users table and bring up a new pop up box that will allow you to configure scope (network and/ or network groups) and privilege (network editor, network viewer or voucher editor) for the newly added user. If you have not added any new network groups or modified the default network group after migrating your account, you should only see the default network group (Network Group #1) in the list on the left of the below screenshot

Click on a network group in the list on the left to see all the networks that are part of that group displayed in a new list in the bottom, along with configuration options to select the role and to assign the role and scope using the "Add" button/ arrow:

You can then pick either an entire group or a specific network within the group from the lists on the left, select a user role from the selectors below them, and click on the green arrow to assign that to the current user. In the example below, John Doe has been granted Network Editor privilege to all networks that are part of Network Group #1. Recall that we already set up John Doe to be a Group Manager at the account level, which means he will have rights to create new network groups and edit/ modify any network groups he has access to 


CloudTrax will generate emails to specific users whenever they are added, deleted or their permissions are changed. The emails will contain the name of the CloudTrax account that the change was made in as well as information about who made the change and what the change was. Here is an example of a new user being added as a "Group Manager" to an existing account:




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