Migrating to the New User Management System


Before you decide to migrate to the new user management system, we recommend reading the overview and structure article to understand things at a high level. If you would like to check out the features of the new system before you decide to move all your existing networks, you can do so by creating a test master account and migrating it over.

Once you decide you want to migrate an existing CloudTrax master account to the new user management system, follow these steps:

1. Log into a specific master account and navigate to the accounts page, where you will see a new section called "New User Management System"


2. Click on the link that points to the migration wizard and follow along

3. The first step is to create the very first Account Admin user which will be the Owner by default. For this, enter a Name, an email address (that will be used to log into CloudTrax, going forward) and pick (and confirm) a password. Note that the email address entered should be a valid one, since we will send you a verification email that you must receive, before you can complete this process.

4. When you click next on that, you'll see a message telling you you're done.


And that's it! - you should get an email from CloudTrax at your login email ID. Once you click on the link inside that email and verify your email ID, you'll be able to log into CloudTrax with your new user credentials and use the new user management system.





You will log in with the new user credentials via the same login page as before at www.cloudtrax.com

Once you have migrated your account, read about managing networks and network groups or about managing users

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