Overview and Structure of the New User Management System


Note: User management is being simplified. Please review the Recent User Management Changes.


The key goals of introducing the new CloudTrax User Management System are as follows:

  • Allow for creation/ deletion of individual CloudTrax user accounts using email addresses and passwords that are unique to individual users.
  • Allow assignment of different user roles (privileges) per user.
  • Allow for more user roles than were possible earlier.
  • Allow for creation and management of network groups (aggregates of networks) within a master account and easy assignment of user roles at the network group level.
  • Facilitate easy migration of existing (old user management) CloudTrax accounts to the new user management system, with no disruption to existing users.


Accounts, Network Groups and Networks

The new CloudTrax user management system has been built with a focus on Managed Service Providers, who need an easy way to create several networks for each of their individual end customers and have some way of being able to abstract each of those network sets as a single entity, as different from the network sets that belong to other end customers

The old CloudTrax system had the concept of a master account and one or more networks under it. The limitation of that system was that there was no way to segregate all networks belonging to one customer from those belonging to a other customers and further, no way to grant permissions to individual users across the entire network group.

The new CloudTrax user management system removes the limitation by introducing the concept of Network Groups, as illustrated below:




User Roles

The new user management system will allow for the following types of roles to be assigned to individual users: 

  • Account Admin/Owner
  • Group Manager
  • Network User

 The following table summarizes the general capabilities each user account “Role” type


CloudTrax function

Account Admin/ Owner

Group Manager

Network User

Account Management (Access to the “Account” page)


Add/ Remove/Edit Account Admin user


User Management (Access to the “Users” page)


Add/ Remove/Edit Group Manager User


Add/ Remove/Edit “Network User” user


Create, organize or delete Network Groups


Create new Networks


Delete existing Networks



Clone Networks



Ability to change network configurations



Access to “configure” menu and pages



Access to the “AP-Pane” and the “Switch-Pane” (the per device pop out pane)

Ability to generate and manage vouchers



Ability to switch between networks (via the network drop down menu and the “All Networks” page)


 * Ability to perform the above actions are based on or can be restricted by assigned network permissions


Network Permissions


When creating user accounts with a role of “Group Manager” or “Network User”, a second configuration pane will open once the account is created. This pane allows you to configure at what permission levels the user account is allowed to access each individual network or network group. If a user account is not given any permissions to a network, then that network will not be visible to the user. The permission levels are: 

  • Network Editor
  • Network Viewer
  • Voucher Editor

A user assigned a network with “Network Editor” permissions, is able to view and modify all network specific settings within that network.

A user assigned a network with the “Network Viewer” permission, will only be able to view the “Manage” area of the Cloudtrax network interface (General network status display) and will not be able to make any changes, in addition they will not be able view the Voucher area.

Finally, a user assigned a network with the “Voucher Editor” permission level will only see the Voucher configuration view when they log in and nothing else. They will have full control of all voucher settings and features. This permission level provides an equivalent replacement for the legacy “Lobby Assistant” login.


Other details to consider: 

  • “Account Admin” role accounts have all permissions by default and altering their permissions is not possible.
  • “Group Manager” role accounts by default have the ability to create new networks and network groups. While their access to existing networks can be restricted by the permissions they are assigned to those networks, but if they create a new network they are granted full rights (Network Editor) to that network.
  • A user account configured with both permissions to a specific network and permissions to the network group that the network is a member of, will see the higher permissions level assignment override the other.


If you would like to migrate your CloudTrax account to the new user management system, start by reading migrating to the new user management system

If you have already migrated to the new user management system, you can read about managing networks and network groups or about managing users.


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