Band Steering


Without band steering enabled on dual band access points (APs), wireless clients can connect to whichever band they prefer. This often results in the crowded 2.4 GHz band being saturated by devices while the less crowded 5 GHz band is underutilized. 

When enabled, band steering forces dual band clients connecting to a dual band AP to prefer the 5 GHz radio when appropriate. 

CloudTrax band steering is active at connection time only. When the WiFi client 'probes' the AP for its capabilities, the AP learns whether or not the WiFi client supports both bands. If the AP decides to steer the client to 5 GHz, any connection attempt to the 2.4 GHz interface is denied.

Once a WiFi client is connected to a given band there will be no other attempt to steer it to a different radio. This way, any unsolicited connection drop is averted.

You can enable or disable band steering in the Advanced section for each SSID (Configure > SSID).

Band steering CloudTrax 

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