Captive Portal in CloudTrax 4


The Captive Portal in CloudTrax 4 provides flexible support for several different types of splash pages and authentication. 

Support for splash pages includes both Internally-Hosted Splash Pages hosted by the Access Point, and Externally-Hosted Splash Pages that you may write and host on your own web server. This latter functionality is a replacement for CoovaChilli. 

Support for authentication modules includes authentication using CloudTrax Vouchers, authentication via an external RADIUS server, and for authentication via a specialized HTTP page hosted on your own web server.

Splash page and authentication types may be mix-and-matched. In other words, Internally Hosted Splash Pages may be used with either CloudTrax Vouchers or RADIUS Authentication, etc.

Several detailed example configurations are presented here:

Additional programmer-level technical documentation for the CloudTrax 4 Captive Portal is available on GitHub.

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