Using Facebook WiFi


Facebook WiFi can be enabled on any network running 5xx firmware.

To learn more, visit the Facebook Help Center

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    Giangiacomo Farina

    Sorry, but i don't find "Wi Fi Facebook" on SSID 1#.
    On Splash Page i don't see it. I have OM5P.
    If i select "Custom" i have: "Require Vouchers"; "Share Vouchers"; "Block Pre-Authenticated Users".
    Can u hel me?

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    Ryan Detwiller

    @Giangiacomo - Sorry you're having trouble. The setting should appear after a successful network upgrade to 5xx firmware. If the setting still isn't there, please send us a ticket to Thanks!

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    Hello Ryan Detwiller, i just upgrade the firmware but, i don't see "Facebook Wifi" . Please help

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    Bryan Patterson

    @matteodeangelis All nodes on the newtork need to check in with 5xx firmware before the Facebook Wifi option is enabled. If you still can't see it send us an email to with your network login ID and we can look into it for you.

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    Maximilian Hahn

    Got the traffic routed via Facebook or directly?

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