How do I configure multiple DNS addresses under Alternate DNS settings?


We support a single alternate DNS entry, so you won't be able to enter a comma-separated list. If requests don't resolve using this single entry, any additional DNS addresses configured on your router will act as secondary and tertiary for connected clients.

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    Carlos Pastor

    There is a bug in handling DNS. I am using SSID#2 in bridge mode so it should let my router behind provide IP/DNS through DHCP... that works, however if I have a device configured with static IP/DNS, it will not respect my static DNS configuration and use the one learned by OM5P_AN from DHCP... so, no true bridge function. Interestingly the Advanced "Alternate DNS" feature overrides SSID#2 devices (even those with static configuration)... I think it is not supposed to work that way.

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    Bryan Patterson

    In 5xx firmware DNS will be intercepted by the device in order to provide for blocking on SSID#2. To get around this limitation you can upgrade Cloudtrax 4 to set a specific DNS for each SSID. You can upgrade on the Advanced tab in Cloudtrax.

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