We're updating all CloudTrax dashboards


Over the next two weeks, we’ll be upgrading all accounts to the latest version of the CloudTrax dashboard. We’ve had the new version available for a few months and thousands of customers have already upgraded. Now that it’s been well tested, we’re moving all accounts to the new. 

The new dashboard has all the same functionality of the old. We’ve made a number of improvements, but the overall look and feel will be very familiar. Here are some highlights:

Interactive histogram

You can now change the reporting period of the charts and hover over them for accurate information. Any client you select will display their traffic over the histogram.


Show/hide columns

Use the plus/minus button to customize the display of columns. It’ll remember your selection the next time you login. This replaces the “More Node Details” popup.


Filter tables

Want to see a list of clients on a certain access point? Or all repeaters connected to a certain gateway? Just type in the filter and it’ll drill down to what you need.


Export users, access points and more

Scroll to the bottom of almost any table and export the data in csv or xml format.


Floor plan overlays

Improved node placement and sizing on the map with support for multiple network map overlays for multi-story or campus installations.


Integrated help center search

We've embedded a search button for the help center right in the dashboard, so it's easier to find information and get in touch with us when needed. 


Embed view pages on external sites

If you’re working with clients, you may want to give them access to their network status without admin rights. You have always been able to do this by enabling “Limited View” in CloudTrax, but now there’s one more option: you can embed most content onto an external site like your customer portal. Check it out in the Advanced tab.


More to come...

We're looking forward to bringing you more updates by the end of the year, including a firmware update with Layer 7 application visibility and full tracking of clients on SSID #2.


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