Can I use 3rd party High-gain antennas?


Our OM2P includes a standard RP-SMA connector, providing you the flexibility to work with the external antenna option that suits your needs.

Keep in mind we are not able to recommend or troubleshoot third-party antennas. Please review the antenna spec sheet and talk with the manufacturer to ensure it meets your needs.

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    sergio rosales

    Hello, i need more range on my AP, i have the OM2P-HS, but i need to improve the cover range, i want to change the two internal antenna for 2 external antenna like the OM2P model, can you send me that external antennas? or where i can buy it? i need arround 1,500, thanks!

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    Bryan Patterson

    Sorry Sergio, our only device that supports an external antenna is the OM2P. You cannot add external antennas to any other model.

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    Bert Spivy

    What is standard antenna gain that gets 600 ft outdoor range? What are typical antenna gains and the corresponding clear outdoor ranges? Is their a max gain? Dies higher gain strain/heat up power supply or circuit boards? Anyone one have experience to share?
    Thanks in advance... an RV park guy, trying to improve a heavy wooded area sometimes full of big vehicles/rv, even some radio blocking AIRSTREAM trailers where guests are advised to use USB remotely cabled external WiFi adapters, rather then laptop internal WiFi

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    Bryan Patterson

    @Bert Range can vary depending on lots of factors. In ideal situations without any interference or obstructions the stock antenna on the OM2P can get to 600ft.

    A higher gain antenna just focuses the radio waves kind of like how a flashlight focuses light so it wouldn't have any effect on the internal components of the OM2P. See this article for more info:

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    Adding 2 Antenna to OM2P...
    Is there any issue with using an PR-SMA "T spliter" to combine (1) omni-directional antennae and (1) amplified directional antennae. I want to mount the omni "inside" my building and mount the directional "outside" my building to beam to an OM2P repeater in my adjacent building.

    Not sure if either "spliting" or mixing types of antennae will cause an issue for the box.


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    Bryan Patterson

    @Steve- I'm not sure if a T-Splitter would work or not but I imagine it would halve the radio power of each antenna so it's probably better to go with two different OM2Ps, one for outside with a directional antenna and one inside with the omni.

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