Will seamless roaming work if gateway nodes are connected to different ISPs within a network?


No, the connection will drop when switching between any repeater or gateway node that is associated with a different ISP. Even though the nodes are cloud-managed, all of the network traffic is handled locally, so if a device roams from one ISP to another the connection will break. It should reestablish pretty quickly, but if a device is on the edge of two ISPs it could bounce back and forth and break the connection each time. In this scenario it's recommended that you separate them into their own Cloudtrax network(s) and configure with different SSIDs.

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    Dinh Van Nghia

    If i use many internet lines of one ISP, can seamless roaming work?

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    Erik P.

    No. If it has a different public IP address then the connection will drop.

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    Ben Lat

    Thank you. This will likely solve our disconnect problem.

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    Christian Romeni

    Now that would be an awesome feature... Have multiple external connections (Fiber, Cable and a few small DSL Lines) and combine their Access to seamless switch between all nodes... Could this actually be done some how??

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    Bryan Patterson

    Christian - You can get a multi-WAN router to aggregate internet connections but our hardware can't do that. The only way to seamlessly roam them when they are distributed throughout the mesh would be to have all connections VPN'ed together which you would also need a specialized router for.

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    Denis Tiri

    We have a CloudTrax network connected to a firewall that has a load balancing feature using 2 Cable lines from same ISP.
    The same firewall is also the DHCP for all the clients.
    So internally we have one VLAN, but the public IP adres could differ.

    Do I understand this article correctly: seamless roaming does not work in this situation?

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    Bryan Patterson

    Denis - In your case it would depend on how the firewall is load balancing but most devices that do that would be able to allow seamless roaming since internally you're on the same subnet.

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