Will my OM2P/OM5P Work as a Router?


Yes, you can connect any Open Mesh access point directly to a modem and it will handle DHCP to Open-Mesh repeaters and client devices. However, we recommend putting a router in place to use multiple gateways, take advantage of bridge mode, use port forwarding and firewall features, etc. 

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    Hello Bryan, I plan to purchase the MR1750. I will have a cable modem (public). You say that the devices can handle dhcp to client devices, but is this private addresses? Is a separate router required or best practice? does the device do any firewall features?

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    Bryan Patterson

    Armstrong - yes, the Open Mesh AP will hand out private IP addresses to your devices but a separate router is recommended to gain access to common features like port forwarding. The APs have NAT and a simple firewall built in to block outside access but it is not configurable.

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