How can I display external resources on my splashpage?


To display external resources such as images, stylesheets, scripts or embeds that you've coded into the HTML editor, you'll need to add each external domain/sub-domain into the "walled garden" list under Edit Network > SSID #1.

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    Wayne Card

    I am trying to add external images onto the splash page. The images are hosted on my website. The images show up in the splash page editor. They do not show up on the splash page? do all images need to be internally loaded? is there a way around this what I am trying to accomplish is to be able to set the splash images to external resources that i can change without logging into the editor.

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    Ryan Detwiller

    Hi Wayne - have you added the domains to the walled garden list? If so (and it's still not working), please shoot us a ticket with the network name and we'll take a look.

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