New in CloudTrax firmware 5xx


What's new in CloudTrax firmware 5xx?

5xx firmware is now available in wide release. It currently ships on the MR900, OM5P, and OM5P-AN. OM2P and OM2P-HS access points can be upgraded over the air through CloudTrax.

The option to upgrade eligible networks to 5xx firmware is available in CloudTrax under Edit Network > Advanced > Firmware/Upgrade.

This is a significant improvement to CloudTrax. It's at once familiar but completely new under the hood, with significant new features and better functionality. 

Here's a peek at what we've changed since 4xx.

New features:

1. Improved client reporting and bandwidth insight

We've made it easier to monitor and manage users on your network.

Layer 7 Deep Packet Inspection

We've identified more than 130 (so far) of the top sites and protocols so you can see how your bandwidth is being used. See it in a pie chart or view all data by clicking the "More" link to display it in table form.

Layer 7 chart

Live, Dynamic Traffic and User Graph

Clicking on the pie chart sections will highlight that site or protocol usage in the top usage graph.

Similarly, clicking on a specific clients will show that usage in the top graph.


OS Fingerprinting

See devices on your network from an operating system perspective.

Device Fingerprinting

Custom client list reporting period

The clients list will show traffic for the period and SSID selected. Previously, this was hard-coded to always show only the last 24 hours. Options are 2 hours, 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month. Now supports user tracking on SSID #2. 


2. Facebook Wi-Fi Integration

Use Facebook Wi-Fi to authenticate customers by having them check in on Facebook and use the web for free. Facebook Wi-Fi is free to use and available on SSID #1. Learn more.


Facebook WiFi

Additional improvements:

  1. Faster. All graphs are now in Javascript for improved speed and interaction capabilities.

  2. Fewer pop-ups. More is done in dynamic pages or tabs rather than secondary windows. Examples include Clients table, More table for Layer 7 traffic.

  3. On-demand graphs. Individual client usage graphs are now drawn on demand to speed up the page. The client list can now be paged to further improve speed.

  4. Better sorting. Sorting on tables throughout the site is improved.

  5. Reports wired clients. Previously they were not included.

  6. Faster repeater discovery. Access points can find each other more quickly over mesh due to improved scanning. Now includes multi-band mesh encryption support.

  1. Better speed test. Greatly improved repeater-to-gateway speed test is much faster and can handle higher speeds.

  2. Improved captive portal. Now runs on all access points (APs), not just gateways to avoid gateway congestion.

  3. Improved AP isolation. Now works on multi-cast traffic.

  4. Live reports. On login, all access points are told to update CloudTrax immediately so reports are up to the moment.

  5. Instant changes. When dashboard changes are made, they are sent to the nodes immediately. You no longer have to wait up to five minutes.

  6. Multiple network map overlays. Improved node placement/sizing with support for multiple network map overlays for multi-story or campus installations.

  7. Wide channels. You can now use wide channels on either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. 

How to upgrade

The option to upgrade a network to 5xx firmware is available for eligible networks in CloudTrax under Edit Network > Advanced > Firmware/Upgrade.

IMPORTANT: Our check-in servers have changed with 5xx firmware, so if you're using a firewall/filter you'll want to allow access to these new addresses or else your devices will stop checking into CloudTrax and revert to a default config. 

5xx firmware will not run on pre-OM2P series devices such as the MR500 or OM1P, and does not support CoovaChilli. However, 5xx firmware combined with CloudTrax 4 supports a CoovaChilli replacement that should be compatible with most services that used CoovaChilli in the past. CloudTrax will alert you if your network has any of these issues.

More details about our latest 5xx firmware release can be found in our change-log available here

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  • Avatar

    I just upgraded my OM2P-HS nodes to 5xx. Definitely an improvement over 481. The monitoring and reporting functions in Cloudtrax are much improved (can now monitor both SSIDs!), and it seems as though the meshing works better for devices that move around our facility. Thanks for the prompt response and seamless upgrade.

  • Avatar
    John Shepard

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on the new firmware. I noticed that some DNS controls were originally included as new features but I don't see them listed anymore. We were hoping this would help us prevent users from downloading torrents. Any updates or advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • Avatar
    Ryan Detwiller

    Hi John, we plan to introduce more controls in an upcoming release. I don't have a timeline at this point.


  • Avatar
    Jeroen R

    Preventing torrents and limiting bandwidth for certain streaming services will be a huge plus (know that we have the information!). Any updates appreciated.

  • Avatar
    Howard Malyon

    Hi Ryan, does the upgrade contain new features or is it a pure bug fix release. I've uploaded it to a couple of my access points and all seems good so far.

  • Avatar
    Ryan Detwiller

    Howard - when upgrading from 4xx it contains all the features listed above, in addition to performance improvements and bug fixes.

  • Avatar
    John Knott

    Looks good, AP's seem more responsive

  • Avatar
    Jose Pedro

    Hi, how long after selecting upgrade to 5xx does it take to become effective on an operational network? and how long will the network be offline for the upgrade? Thanks.

  • Avatar
    Ryan Detwiller

    @Jose It depends on how many networks are in the queue. Typically it's no more than an hour, but it can be up to a couple of days if we're doing a major migration. Individual access points should be offline for no more than 2-3 minutes.

  • Avatar
    Jimmy OMoke

    When can we expect data transfer caps ? This will be such a huge and beneficial feature in these parts of the word that do not have unlimited data from ISPs

  • Avatar
    Ryan Detwiller

    I don't have a timeline at this point @Jimmy but it's high on our priority list.

  • Avatar
    Bernard Klatt

    I have a customer with a mix of OM2P-HS and OM2P-LC devices. Looks like the -LC is not supported for 5xx firmware?

  • Avatar
    Bryan Patterson

    @Bernard The OM2P-LC is no longer being sold but it is compatible with 5xx firmware and will continue to be supported with future firmware updates for some time to come.

  • Avatar
    TekNacion, LLC

    Don't know whether to post my comments here or on a blog about CloudTrax 4. But we need live reporting of the websites visited by the clients so that we can block sites and/or clients. A shared list of websites (such as porn sites) would be great. Instant alerts when these sites are visited would be even better.

  • Avatar
    Chad Simon

    FYI - Found out the button in my custom form does not work unless I use code from newer forms.

  • Avatar
    Ambleston Dack

    I have one network which hasn't upgraded to 5xx firmware. Do all the APs need to be online before upgrade will begin? I have checked and the option to upgrade to 5xx firmware is ticked. It's been like a few weeks!

  • Avatar
    Bryan Patterson

    @Ambleston - When upgrading from 4xx firmware all nodes need to be online and checking in before the firmware upgrade will start. This is to prevent orphaned nodes because 4xx cannot mesh with 5xx.

    If you have them all online and they still aren't upgrading please open a support ticket so we can look into it further.

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