I have unchecked 'disable upgrades' and a new firmware version is out. Why won't my network upgrade?


Note: The below information applies to all 4xx and earlier firmware. For 5xx, and 6.x firmware, upgrades happen on a per-AP basis. 

In order to avoid orphaned access points (access points that aren't at the same firmware version as the rest of the network) on pre-5xx firmware versions, CloudTrax won't start to upgrade until all access points on your network are online. Bring all access points online or remove offline access points from your network to start the upgrade.


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    Mark Hardy

    I really don't like this feature. especially in CT-4, because you can't configure all the nodes at once and just roll them out as construction or TI progress permits.

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    Ryan Detwiller

    Hi Mark - This is no longer the case with 5xx firmware and CT4. Upgrades now happen on a per-AP basis. I've updated the article to be more clear.

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