How do I configure my firewall to allow the AP/Switch to operate?


Check-in & Configuration

Access Points connect to CloudTrax using the following (HTTPS - port 443): 


Switches connect to CloudTrax using the following (HTTPS - port 443):


Legacy APs (4xx and earlier) utilize a different check-in service (HTTP - port 80):


Note: There are a number of servers powering the dashboard with various IP addresses behind a load balancer. Configure your firewall with the DNS name (if possible) because the resolved IP addresses can change any time.

Connection Keeper

Access points can use an always-on background connection to receive reconfiguration events more quickly. To do this, they need access to the following server(HTTP - Port 80):



Over-the-air firmware upgrades and packages require that your AP/Switch be able to connect to our file server (HTTP - port 80 and HTTPS - port 443):

  • &

Again, the resolving IP addresses might change.

Advanced Troubleshooting

To debug hard-to-track problems right in your network, our access points are equipped with a tunnel software allowing technical support to connect via SSH (TCP - port 18991):


For denying the access points to establish this connection back to us, it suffices to block access to (fixed IP).

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