How do I login using SSH?


Each node comes with an active SSH server that allows you to login into your nodes using the root password you configured on the dashboard (Advanced tab).

Due to the bridged nature of firmware-ng you can only connect to one of your gateways (via the IP address it received from your DHCP server). Once on your gateway you can connect to any node in the network by either using the 5.x.x.x addresses shown on the dashboard or the node names you configured:

ssh root@5.x.x.x
ssh root@my_node_name

Note: Some characters are not allowed to be used in node names and have to be mangled, therefore the node names might differ. In case you experience difficulties consult the '/etc/hosts/' file.

Note: It won't be possible to SSH into a node on SSID#1 if CoovaChilli is active.

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