CloudTrax Server Status


Current status: OK

On July 27th, CloudTrax experienced a database error and disruption between 10:00AM and 11:53AM PST (GMT+7) which prevented APs from reporting their usage to our servers. User accounts were also unable to login to the dashboard to manage or view networks. Local operation of APs were unaffected and there wasn’t an impact to WiFi service, however you’ll notice a gap in reporting and a brief outage will appear during this time.

As a result of the database issues encountered, we made the difficult decision to revert to a previous backup to restore normal operation. As a result, any changes made between July 26th at 11:00PM PST and July 27th at 11:45AM PST are unfortunately not recoverable and will need to be performed again. This includes:

  • new accounts,
  • new networks,
  • new APs added, and
  • any settings changes made.

We’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and we're working to prevent similar situations in the future.


Past notices:

7/27/2016 - 10:00AM PST - Cloudtrax is currently experiencing downtime due to a database issue. We are working on restoring Cloudtrax and will update this article periodically with updates.

11/30/2015 - 2:00PM PST - Some CloudTrax networks will have a visible gap in usage/uptime reporting over a ~12 hour period of time. This is a check-in server issue that we've since addressed and are working on a permanent fix to avoid in the future. Local access point operation remained unaffected.

11/19/2015 – Our data center experienced an internet connectivity issue with an external provider between 9:05AM and 10:19AM PST. As a result, some networks may have appeared offline even though they remained functional and without interruption. Alert emails also may have been inadvertently sent.

08/26/2015 – CloudTrax data collection was briefly interrupted in the afternoon (PST) during minor maintenance. You may have seen gaps in recorded traffic data which would lead to false reporting of node outages; services were not interrupted during this time.

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