Do your Access Points have 802.1Q VLAN support?


Yes, all models have built in 802.1Q VLAN support and functionality. To add a VLAN simply enter the VLAN ID into the "Bridge to VLAN" field for the SSID you want to be tagged. The allowed range of VLANs is 2-4094. 

Please note that an 802.1Q VLAN compatible switch is required to use VLAN tags.

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    Patrick Cummings

    Does VLAN tagging SSID #1 also disable the charged-access and voucher-access features?

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    Dinh Van Nghia

    I use VLAN tagging SSID1# to be VLAN1, SSID2# to be VLAN2. Each VLAN tag has a DHCP Server to release for each clients in each SSID, so, How will DHCP Server release for Access point?

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    Bryan Patterson

    All management traffic from the access point will go out untagged so it will go to the default VLAN configured on your switch. The AP will also get an IP address from your default VLAN.

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