My Nodes are broken! What do I do?


If you are experiencing problems with the nodes not functioning as intended, please try some of the following common solutions. As it is very unlikely that your device is faulty (Less than 1%) these steps will begin the troubleshooting process. If you believe your nodes are working as intended but not checking-in, feel free to view our "check-in troubleshooting" guide by clicking here.


  1. Verify that you are running the same firmware version between your Nodes.

     Please note that firmware versions R3xx and R4xx are incompatible with each other. You must first upgrade your out-of-date firmware to the most current version to have them work together. The fastest way to do this is to re-flash the devices.You can also upgrade them over the air, however this requires more time to complete.

     To upgrade your units over the air select the  "NG Firmware" and "Test Firmware" checkboxes in the 'Advanced Tab' of Cloudtrax. Please note that you will be required to remove any non-operating nodes for the upgrade process to complete.

For Re-flash instruction please click here. 


2. Please ensure that you have entered the MAC ID of the node correctly into Cloudtrax.

It is very common for users to have accidentally entered the wrong 12 digit number while first registering the device into Cloudtrax. For example, the numerical values 8 and 0 are regularly mistaken for B and O.  When installing the nodes it is highly recommended that the MAC ID of the devices are manually checked on the bottom of the device, rather than referring to the packaging or other sources.


  1. Power-cycle the device/gateway.

Most minor issues can be easily solved by briefly removing the power to restart the device. This forces the unit to re-acquire an IP Address, as well as re-associate with its neighbors (If applicable). It is recommended to keep a close eye on the LED lights on the unit as they are can generally indicate most problems that the unit or network is experiencing.

For information on the LED lights please click here


 If the above steps have been unable to assist you, please feel free to submit a support ticket and a Customer Support Representative will assist you as soon as they can. 

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  • Avatar
    Bert Spivy

    We have one OM2P that often stops and must be power reset, then it operates fine for a few days... our tech guy with access to CloudTrax control is too often not available, what are the best trouble shooting cause/fixs? Move it closer to another node (closest node measures high 60's, low 70's)? Add a node in between, knowing download is cut in half (we are at 4 nodes so below recommended max of 5, but not in a star? Use higher gain antennas?

  • Avatar
    Bryan Patterson

    Bert, I'm not sure if adding a node would help there. If you can, submit a support request with your network login ID and we can take a look at it for you.

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