Why won't my Chromecast connect to my network?


Chromecast requires two pieces on the same network: the Chromecast itself and a controlling device (a phone, laptop, etc.). Both devices need to be on the same network and must be able to communicate.

In order for your Chromecast to communicate properly you will need to make sure that Client Isolation for your SSID is disabled. 

Next you should enable Bridge Mode for the SSID on the Advanced tab. 

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    Jeremiah Flerchinger

    This is now working on SSID #1 or #2 for me, but I have to disable bridge mode (instead of enable) and access point isolation.

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    Paul Kay

    is there a particular reason "AP Client Isolation" applies to both SSID #1 and #2 together? It would be nice to have the guest network isolated on #1 and the Secure #2 open so we can connect to wireless thermostats and ip cameras.

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    Keith Wahl

    I have found that Chromecast works on SSID #1 as long as the Chromecast and your device are connected to the same node.

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