Why won't your store accept my credit card? (AVS Mismatch) 


The Open-Mesh store requires shipping and billing addresses to match in order to process payment. 

Your credit card will not be accepted if we cannot verify the billing address of your credit card, or if your billing address does not match your shipping address. Either of these scenarios result in an "AVS Mismatch" error.

If you have entered a different shipping address than the one that is associated with your card, you can simply enter the billing address as the shipping address, and your order will be processed.

If you are unable to ship to the billing address, or use a PO Box, we suggest placing your order through www.streakwave.com. Streakwave carries our entire line-up of products, with similar pricing and shipping options available.

If you continue to encounter the “AVS Mismatch” error while entering your billing address, please try the following troubleshooting options:

Is your address spelled EXACTLY as it does on your credit card statements? The slightest typo can cause your transaction to be declined. 

Is your house/apartment number accurate? 

Have you moved recently? If so, you may be required to call the credit card issuer, and have your address updated.

Do you have two addresses associated with your card? If so, please make sure that the “primary” billing address is being entered.

Is this a new credit card? If so, you will need to make sure that the card has been activated and authorized before placing your order. Many credit cards require an in-store signature with the first purchase made on the card before it can be fully verified for online purchases.


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