Is there a warranty on your units?


Yes. We offer a one year repair or replacement warranty on all our products. You can see the warranty policy here:

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    Bill Alger

    I purchased 3 of your model MR900 on May 21 via Amazon dealer Electronica Direct. All was fine until last week when one of the units stopped working. The activity light is solid red, not green. The network light is solid blue, no other lights come on. We have powered it off, used the reset switch (which doesn't appear to do anything) and uninstalled and reinstalled on or main network and a secondary network we have. Nothing worked we still get the solid red light. The unit shows up on cloudtrax but its identifier shows new (not the model no) and everything else is blank including last check in.

    I believe the unit comes with a one year warranty, how do i go about getting this unit repaired or replaced.


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    Bryan Patterson

    It sounds like you just need to reflash the firmware on them. You can find instructions on how to do that here:

    If that doesn't work file an RMA request with us here:

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