Is the OM Series outdoor enclosure water tight?


The OM Series outdoor enclosure protects access points from water when installed correctly. To make sure your enclosure is fully weather-proofed, please confirm that your installation has followed the guidelines listed below:

1. Confirm that the OM Series Outdoor Enclosure is properly mounted in the correct direction. The bottom of the case where the antenna fits should be facing the ground like the picture below. The devices will not be fully weather-proofed unless mounted in this correct positioning.

2. Check the case for any cracks, fractures, or holes. These enclosures can endure many elements, however if they have been damaged they will not properly prevent water from getting inside.

Please note that the OM Series access points produce enough heat to keep the node dry in high-moisture climates, or in the circumstance it becomes wet due to weather conditions. 

For further information, please view our OM Series outdoor enclosure installation guide.


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