What do the LED lights on the OM Series mean?


The LEDs (lights) on the OM Series access points let you know what the device is currently doing. This page contains an overview about the different color states and their meanings.

The OM Series has four lights. When looking at the device from the side with the ports, the lights are (left to right) power, Ethernet (x2) and WiFi.  

The Power LED:

  • Blinks blue with the device is booting.
  • Displays solid blue after the boot has completed.

Ethernet LEDs:

  • Display solid blue as soon as a cable is plugged in to each port.
  • Blinks blue with traffic.


  • On gateways, the multi-color WiFi LED will show:
    • no color until DHCP address received
    • red solid if internet check fails but DHCP was received
    • green blink if internet works
  • On repeaters, the multi-color WiFi LED will show:
    • no color until speed test (dashboard checkin) has been run
    • red solid if speed to the gateway is below 1Mbps
    • yellow solid if speed to the gateway is above 1Mbps and below 2.5Mbps
    • green blink if speed to the gateway is above 2.5Mbps
    • red blink while the node is in lonely mode
    • yellow blink while the node is in orphan mode
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  • Avatar
    Shawn Feller

    This article doesn't tell the novice what lights are what. There is no KEY to what the icons mean on the AP to this explanation. I'd like to assume they are in order from the Power LED over...but really don't know. What if I had no clue which one was the power LED...in theory I could be that clueless!

  • Avatar
    Jon Cagle

    Probably too late but hopefully to help other people out

    If the antenna is facing up and you are facing the front of the access point the lights are as follows:

    WiFi, LAN, LAN, Power

  • Avatar
    Bernard Klatt
  • Avatar

    Agree with Shawn. How about a PICTURE (it's worth a thousand words, they say!) of the device with callouts to indicate which light is which. Then it won't matter how anyone interprets front, back, side, antenna up, etc.

  • Avatar
    Ryan Detwiller

    Thanks Ken - picture added!

  • Avatar
    Mackey Avelli

    What should I do when only the blue power light is on and no wifi service? It just stopped and I replaced the power adapter, but still just get the blue light. The other nodes are working.

  • Avatar
    Bryan Patterson

    Mackey, if all you have is a blue light that usually means the firmware isn't booting and you need to reflash the firmware. You can find the instructions for that here: https://help.cloudtrax.com/hc/en-us/articles/202210960-How-to-Manually-Flash-NG-on-a-cloudtrax-enabled-router

  • Avatar
    Steve Thornton

    How risky is flashing the firmware? Is it possible to destroy the device?

  • Avatar
    Bryan Patterson

    Steve, it is virtually impossible to brick one of our devices by flashing it. We use two different partitions and flashing will only clear one of those partitions. If the flash fails the node will fall back to the working partition and will still be able to boot.

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