Some of my nodes broadcast the default SSID


If your nodes broadcast the default (open-mesh) SSID (or other settings seem out-of-sync), you can force the dashboard to re-sync all nodes by clicking the "update network settings" button on the Edit page of the dashboard.

Normally, the dashboard sends changes to nodes only when you change settings on the dashboard.
 Clicking this button will force the dashboard to resend the settings to all nodes at their next checkin (every 5 minutes).

Note that it is safe to add your nodes and setup the network prior to installing or even powering up the nodes.
 The settings will be sent when they come up.

Typically, the only time problems occur is when you manually reflash nodes on an existing network.
 The dashboard won't know about this reflash (it does know about over-the-air upgrades) so clicking "update network settings" will force the settings onto your nodes.

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