How to upgrade access points to new firmware


Most firmware upgrades happen automatically, over the air. If you are experiencing any difficulties upgrading your nodes to the latest firmware, please make sure the following is true:

1.  All nodes are online

For networks prior to 500-level firmware, all of the units on your network must be up and running in order for an upgrade to begin. You can confirm this by logging into your account via Cloudtrax. The nodes will not perform an upgrade if even a single unit is down.

Fix: Either physically connect offline access points or delete them from your network.

2. Automatic Upgrades is selected

In the "Configure > Maintenance" page of Cloudtrax make sure "Automatic Upgrades" is enabled.

If you want to upgrade to a newer firmware version, also ensure you've selected the correct version from the dropdown. Beta versions may not always appear as there is not always a beta firmware available for public use. 

3.  All nodes are running version NG-r299 or later

You must be running NG-r299 or later. For the steps to find the firmware version you are currently running please click here.

4.  There are no errors under the "uptime" column

If any of your nodes are currently showing an error underneath the "uptime" column, your upgrade will not occur. You can find this column by clicking on "More Node Details."

5.  There are no nodes with low memory

All of your nodes must show greater than 6 MB of available memory.  You can check this by clicking on "More Node Details" and looking under the "Load / memfree" column.  The value you are looking for is the bottom number. 

Fix: Give the unit a reboot to free up enough memory to complete the upgrade.

6.  You've allowed the maintenance window to run

To minimize network disruptions, CloudTrax will only perform network maintenance during the maintenance window you set. If you enable automatic upgrades, your network will update during the next maintenance window. To have it upgrade immediately, set your maintenance window to include the current time plus at least two hours. 


  1. Please note that we only support NG firmware with Open Mesh products. We do not support other hardware with NG firmware.
  2. If an over-the-air upgrade isn't working, you can manually flash the access points with the instructions here
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