How do I configure a Static IP address?


Because of the cloud managed nature of our devices and the inability to locally configure them, they will only work with DHCP. You are unable to assign a static IP address to the nodes.

If you require the device to be a particular address, you will be required to make a DHCP reservation in your DHCP lease pool or use a router at your modem so that it can be assigned a static IP address and then issue DHCP to Open Mesh devices.

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    If I want to manually assign an IP to a device on the network (e.g. a printer) is there an appropriate IP space for this? My network (this may vary) looks to use the ip space ( to Is part of this range not assigned by DHCP?

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    Erik P.

    Not as of yet - wired/wireless clients connected to the AP will need to be configured for DHCP to function, even with a bridge enabled.

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    Pablo Alcover

    As I can see in Configuration->Advanced you are able to enable bridged mode between a SSID and lan. This would disable NAT and let the lan DHCP assign adresses to wireless clients. This also permits access from wireless clients to lan resource so is not suitable for open SSID if not combined with VLAN isolation, etc.

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    (Warning... Amateur techie here)
    I would like to connect a Plex Media Server (likely in NAS form) to our 12-unit OpenMesh network. I know I will need a "fixed IP" and some of the "LAN bridge" settings. All advice would be welcomed!

    In addition, I have 2 important functional parameters:

    1) I would like to keep traffice between the clients and the Media Server ON THE INTRANET, without having to go out to the Intranet (very slow WAN speeds).

    2) Would LOVE to enable client devices to type in a "name" as the URL in a browser (or Plex client config). The only way I know is a DDNS (which would violate #1 above). Can anyone recommend how to do this locally on a dedicated router attached to an OpenMesh repeater or gateway?


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    Bryan Patterson

    SBR - You would need to set everything up on a bridged SSID. For more info on that check out this article:

    Once you're on a bridged SSID you can configure your own DNS either on your router or through a web based DNS service like OpenDNS to point to your local resources.

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