Can I daisy-chain data AND power? 


Open-Mesh access points can be daisy-chained together; however, power cannot pass through one device to the next. Each access point must be powered individually.

There are a few things to keep in mind when chaining the nodes together:

  1. Cloudtrax will show all daisy-chained access points as repeaters instead of gateways, though they will have the full broadcast speed of the directly connected access point.
  2. If one node in the chain goes down, all subsequent nodes will also lose their data connection. They will attempt to re-mesh as repeaters if possible.
  3. The first gateway in the chain handles all user authentication and reporting. If the first gateway of the series becomes overloaded, you could see all nodes directly connected (wired or meshed) experience connectivity issues. We recommend no more than 30-50 simultaneous users per gateway.

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