What User Activity Does Cloudtrax Log?


Cloudtrax tracks only the computer MAC address (and the computer name if given in the DHCP leases file). Usage tracking is only aggregate bytes up and down. We do not track, store, save or in anyway know about anything else, and even the above aggregate data is only tracked and saved for 24 hours.

On open reports (when no password is given), we mask significant parts of the MAC address and do NOT show the computer name.
 To see this info, you must be the network administrator or have that password.

We do not track what sites users visit.

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    Marcos Santos

    I was faced to this question this morning from my client. He wanted to know if any illegal content is accessed, how he can prove that it was not from its computer.

    Knowing that MAC addresses have only local meaning, how can I prove that whatever content was access for a different computer than my client's one.


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    Bryan Patterson

    Cloudtrax data is aggregated for the entire network so it's not possible to prove what content was downloaded by which user.

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    Timothy Connor

    "We do not track what sites users visit."

    This would seem to be at odds with the reporting on the new 5XX firmware.

    "Layer 7 Deep Packet Inspection
    We've identified more than 130 (so far) of the top sites and protocols so you can see how your bandwidth is being used."

    It's true you may not store the MAC of each node on the network long term, but on a network of few nodes it becomes essentially a user log. How long is the "top site" information retained?


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    Bryan Patterson

    Timothy - The layer 7 top sites data is aggregated data for the entire network that is not associated with any single client. The aggregated data is stored in a rolling 30 day log.

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    Dominick Danao

    Is there a way to access this data via an API?

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    Stuart K

    Hi Dominick - No, this is only available from CloudTrax

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