What is Disable Internet Check?


The Internet Check is used to determine if the access point has a working internet connection. If the Internet Check is enabled, and it detects that the internet connection has gone down, the access point will try to find a new route to the internet. This may mean a gateway turns itself into a repeater, or a repeater seeks out a new gateway. This may be preferable if you multiple access points connected to multiple internet connections.

When "Disable Internet Check" is enabled, it will turn off the Internet Check, which will keep the wireless network up, even if the internet has gone down. This is useful if you are planning on making a network that will not have Internet connectivity, spotty Internet connectivity, or you would like to keep access to local LAN resources even if Internet connectivity goes offline.

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    "Disable Internet Check". with this enabled does it make it harder for the G/Ws to re-establish an internet connection and checkin if it goes down?

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    Alan McFarlane

    Does this affect SSID #2 as well, or only SSID #1?

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    I have my mesh running for some years now with internet check off and they always find their way back from lonely mode after some time. Except from today, thats why I am writing here. I can use in a clients home the meshed internet with my Laptop but a router with the "wrong" channel does not check in - it means there is a signal. Before it took 24 hours or so and everything was connected, the router found the right channel connected to the mesh and delivered internet - all with internet check switched off.
    I did not make a firmware update recently, so what can be here the cause?

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    Stuart K

    Steve - it only slows the repeater APs from re-establishing internet quickly

    Alan - This is a global settings, affecting all SSIDs and all APs.

    Jens - Please open a ticket with us if this is persisting, we're happy to help.

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