Can I prevent the terms and conditions from disappearing on mobile devices?


We've designed the CloudTrax splash page to hide the welcome message and Terms and Conditions by default on smaller screens. You can bring these terms back by making the following changes to the splash page in HTML mode. Please make a copy of your splash page before making these changes, as any errors you introduce may be hard to fix.

First, delete these lines of code:

     <div class="mobileonly"><a class="showLink" onclick="toggle_visibility('welcome');">
     <p>Show/Hide Welcome Message and Terms</p>

Next, change this line of code:

<div id="welcome" class="welcome">

To this:

<div id="welcome2" class="welcome2">

You should now see the welcome message and terms and conditions appear on all devices.



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    I have tried this several times and the only thing that changes is that the Terms and Conditions link is removed. I still do not see the main part of the splash page or the Terms. I really need to have this show up on mobiles.

    Has anyone been successful doing this. node ver481.

    Thank you

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    Brian Dorset

    I tried this too but all it does is to permanently hide the Welcome message and the Terms & Condition without the option to show. fw-ng-r573. Help anyone?

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    There is a mistake on the original instructions on doing this. Here is an updated step. It has worked for me.

    Hi Rich,
    I tested this out. The instructions appear to have it backwards. Can you change:
    <div class="welcome">
    <div id="welcome">
    Save the splash page, hit update network, wait 10 minutes, then check if the terms show up on mobile devices?

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    Ryan Detwiller

    Thanks Rich - instructions updated.

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