Linking Multiple Accounts in the User Management System



A CloudTrax account is a group of network groups, networks and associated users. Previously, your email address could only be linked to a single account. We have added the ability to link multiple accounts to a single email address.

Before linking accounts, please ensure you've reviewed the Overview and Structure of the New User Management System.

Note: Users linked to multiple accounts cannot login via the CloudTrax mobile app at this time.

How to Link Accounts

There are two ways to link accounts:

1. Add a new account from "My Settings"



Once created, you will see the "Account" drop down added to your CloudTrax banner.



2. Be added as a user to an existing account

Have an account admin, of the account you want to be added to, navigate to the "Users" page



Once added, you will receive a confirmation email and the account will be added to your account drop down.





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