Merge Master Accounts into User Management Account


The ability to merge Master Accounts into a UM account needs to be enabled by someone in Open-Mesh Support. Send an email to with the subject "Enable Merge Master" and include your UM login in the body.

Once the feature has been enabled on your account the steps to merge an account are:

  1. Navigate to "Account" from the drop down in the top-right of CloudTraxclick_here.PNG
  2. Click the "Click Here" button for Merge in a legacy accountMerge.JPG
  3. Type in the Master name and password     
  4. You will now have a new Network Group named after that Master account
  5. All the networks will be under that Network Group
  6. Your old Master login will be disabled immediately
  7. The Network Name/Password logins will be disabled 48 hours after the merge



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