Mesh Speeds Inaccurate Between Different Firmware Versions


Due to unavoidable changes in the low-level mesh components within firmware 6.2 and above, mesh speed reporting is no longer accurate when meshing with access points on earlier firmware versions. This means that meshing an access point running firmware 6.1.2 with an access point running 6.2 will result in the access point acting as the repeater reporting mesh speeds incorrectly. The mesh speeds will be reported as very slow or "N/A N/A". Additionally the repeater will display a red light, indicating poor mesh speeds. Actual mesh speeds will likely be much higher than reported.

In order to have proper mesh speed reporting, ensure all access points are running firmware releases that have compatible mesh speed reporting components. Firmware releases of 6.1.2 and earlier are compatible with each other, while firmware releases of 6.2 and later are compatible with each other.

Please note that some versions of the original OM2P are limited to firmware 590 or 6.1.2, and cannot be upgraded to 6.2+ firmware. For more information, please see the Open Mesh End of Life Policy and Product Matrix. The OM2Pv2 and later do not have this limit.

Mesh speed reported as very slow:


Mesh speed reported as "N/A N/A":


Red light on the repeater:


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