Installing the A Series to an outdoor wall or pole


The A Series makes it easy to deploy enterprise WiFi virtually anywhere. This video demonstrates how to install the A Series to an outdoor wall or pole. 

  1. To start, remove the rear door from the access point and remove the plastic tab; remove the rubber gasket as well.
  2. Attach the universal mounting plate to any outdoor wall or pole using screws or zip ties. The small tab should be at the top of the plate, so the cable exits through the bottom of the access point. 
  3. Plug the Ethernet cable into the port marked Ethernet 1. 
  4. Open the slit on the side of the rubber gasket and place the Ethernet cable through the hole. 
  5. Place the rubber gasket into the channel surrounding the ports on the access point. 
  6. Place the rear cover on the access point and snap into place. 
  7. Finally, place the access point over the mounting plate and slide down until it locks into place.
  8. To unlock, insert a small, flat screwdriver into the hole on the side of the access point; slide the access point up until it disengages from the mounting plate. 

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