Open Mesh Switch FAQs


Q: How can I adjust the bandwidth with Open Mesh Switches? Can I set an overall bandwidth for the whole switch?

 A: The bandwidth on Open Mesh switches can be throttled on an individual port basis using the Rate Limit field to set allowed Receive (Rx) and Transmit (Tx) bandwidth. To set the overall bandwidth, set these values on the uplink port that the switch connects to your router or gateway with.

Q: Does the POE functionality support the passive POE standard on the older OM2P-HS APs?

A: No our switches only support 802.3af PoE, you would need to power non 802.3af devices by power adapter or by passive POE injector.

Q: How do they communicate with the CloudTrax? Do I need to open more ports in my firewall?

A: The Open Mesh switches use the same ports 80 and 443 as our APs. You may also need to whitelist and as we recommend with our APs.

Q: Are the SFP modules proprietary or can "generic" modules be used?

A: Generic SFP modules can be used, but we can't support them.

Q: Are the switches capable of Gigabit speeds?

A: Yes, all ports are 10/100/1000 Mbps capable.

Q: I already have switches in my network, but I'd like to start adding some Open Mesh switches to my network as well. Is this possible?

A: Yes, our switches are compatible with other switches and routers using the standard TCP/IP protocol.


Q: Can the switches be daisy chained?

A: Yes, you can link switches together on the network and maintain speeds using link aggregation.


Q: On the Voice VLAN, does it add devices to this VLAN based on OID?

A: Yes, once you enter the OUI of the phones, it will automatically put this device in the designated VLAN.

Q: Are all ports designed as trunk only or can they be individually set as access ports only?

A: To set a port as an access port, only set one allowed VLAN. Allow multiple VLANs to set port as trunk.

To set a port as an access port set only the PVID and Untagged VLAN to have a trunk port allow multiple vlans


Q: Are Jumbo frames supported?

A: Yes

Q: What provisions are there for bad firmware updates?

A: Like our APs, our switches use dual partitions for updates, so the existing firmware is not overwritten for an update. If the new firmware install fails, the device will revert to the previously installed firmware.

Q: Can an ACL deny an entire subnet access to a destination, or only by IP?

A: Yes, you can set ACL by subnet.

Q: Are there single mode SFP's as well?

A: We sell both single-mode and multi-mode fiber SFP modules.

Q: Are the switching capacity rates and forwarding rates published any where?

A: Here is our datasheet of information on the S-series switches

Q: Does S8 switch have a fan

A: Yes

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