Access Point Pinhole Reset


If the AP is running 6.xx firmware and beyond, holding the pinhole button for 15-20 seconds while powered on will clear the access point's local configuration. Once it reconnects with your CloudTrax network, it will re-download the network configuration after re-pair (which you'll be asked to do at next check-in). This can fix certain issues that occur on APs, and is a worthwhile troubleshooting step to take if experiencing trouble on one AP specifically.


After the reset has been performed, the AP will need to be re-paired to the network. 


Note: If your AP model is the OM5P-AN, the pinhole reset hole in the casing does not have a functioning button. In this case you would need to skip ahead to re-flashing the firmware of the AP as outlined here: How to manually flash firmware on a CloudTrax-enabled access point

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