What does the LED light on the A Series mean?



Common States (Gateway and Repeater): 

Boot Loader

Solid Purple

Booting Up

Solid Yellow

Firmware Upgrade (Node is executing the firmware upgrade)

Solid Red

CloudTrax Check-in failure

Flash White

Key Re-pair

Flash Yellow

Configuration Change Pending

Solid White

Net Failure - no default route

Flash Red


Gateway Specific States:

cloudtrax check-in succeeded

Solid Teal

IP acquired via DHCP, but inet test is failing

Flash Purple


Repeater Specific States:

checkin performed, mesh speed <= 2Mbps

Flash Green

Orphan Mode

Flash (Yellow) then {Green}

Lonely Mode

Flash (Red) then {Green}

checkin performed, mesh speed >2Mbps

Solid Green


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